My 3 Words for 2010

My 3 words for 2010 is an idea learned from Chris Brogran.   I’ve always been one to go the route of committing to ‘get in shape’ and ‘be a better person’ which have been very vague goals or resolutions that ending up going nowhere around February each year.   I’d liked the idea of establishing 3 words that I can look to throughout the entire year that are providing guidance to some of the key underlying goals that I personally want to accomplish in 2010.

My 3 Words: Courage, Committed, Captain

1) Courage – I want to not be held back in 2010, to be able to go for something that may seem like a risky decision to some, but will create opportunities for my family.

2) Committed – I’ve done a lot of thinking with my down time over the last couple weeks and I have several personal and professional commitments that I want to see through to the end.   I think it is important to finish things you’ve started.

3) Captain – I see this as Leadership, how do I grow as a leader and demonstrate the true characters of a leader in my day to day interactions with my friends and co-workers.

What are your 3 words?



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