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Introducing New WLK Weekly Planner

I’ve used various planners over the years; Franklin Covey, Time/Design, Moleskine journals and each had certain benefits that complimented how I go about processing my actions and commitments, but each also had drawbacks that didn’t leave me completely satisfied and really trusting it.

I decided to create my own weekly planner over the Holidays that would incorporate the mental and physical processes I go through to prepare for the week ahead and to track new commitments as they happen.  I wanted to share the weekly planner with each of you.

The first thing that is a little different is the planner template is on a 11×17 paper format.   I do a lot of work on 11×17 paper throughout the course of a work day.   The planner is organized so that if you fold the paper in half and then fold the top half again, each of the sections will be aligned with each of the creases.

The planner incorporates GTD as I’ve been an avid fan for years now and really like the framework and concept to get things out of your head and on to paper, so you will see lists for @Actions, @Waiting For, @Phone, and @Someday.  Other GTD related sections includes a Weekly Review for your Friday afternoon reflections and it includes a Weekly Priorities section so that after you perform your Weekly Review, you can list your top 3 priorities for the next week on your new planner sheet.

The planner  includes the Compact Calendar from David Seah (davidseah.com) so that you can quickly look at the days ahead and determine an appropriate due date for your actions.

After using for the last few weeks, I’m satisfied with the layout and how it is working out.   Only time will tell if I come to completely trust this format, but I’m super excited about having my own planning sheets versus relying on 3rd party products and spending the cash annually to renew.

Let me know what you think, if you feel it could be incorporated into your planner.   I’m open for suggestions, feedback, and other kaizen opportunities.

Available for download: Weekly Planner templatev2_WLK



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