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Which Road Do You Choose?

I just returned from a fantastic vacation with the family to Orlando, Florida to visit the friendly confines of Walt Disney World (WDW) for 6 days at the parks!

The time with the family was precious.  I believe we all realize this more and more with age.   This vacation to WDW had me thinking about the interactions I have with my family as a Dad and husband, but also the interactions of thousands of other families I witnessed while walking an endless number of miles from ride to ride.

Tower of Terror anyone?   I say this because if you’ve ever been on the Tower of Terror, you know that is takes place in a fictional Hollywood hotel in an old elevator that goes through a series of ups and downs that raises you out of your seat.  Family life can be much the same, a series of ups and downs.

I sketched the picture below to illustrate 2 roads; the high road and the low road.  I realize we all experience both roads at times, but I know I want my family to spend as much time on the high road as possible because of the great memories that have been created this past week.

Which road do you choose?

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