Training…Slow and Steady Wins the Race

So my last post which was far too long ago was about my entry into the Louisville Derby Mini-marathon.   Since I registered, I’ve been working on “working” off those extra pounds consumed during the Holiday break.    I’m running 2-3 times per week and playing basketball at least once per week and feeling a little better as I’ve been able to lose a few pounds.

I ran 10 miles last weekend with one of my buddies in the neighborhood and it was rough.  Why?   Well, for obvious reasons I haven’t been building up my mileage like I should so you could say I ran much farther than my body was prepared for.   The other reason was mental.   No matter what distance I’m running, I always have to fight the negative temptations to stop running.   That’s during a run and usually I can convince myself to keep going because I’ve forced myself to run an out and back and to keep getting farther away from my house so that I don’t have a choice.    More often though, the negative thoughts win out to keep me from even stepping foot on the road or treadmill.   I used to have more will power and drive to get up early, but lately I can’t make myself do it.    I’ve followed a few tricks to put my clothes and shoes at the foot of the bed so I don’t have extra excuses for reasons to get up, though this still hasn’t helped.

I want to know from other runners out there how do you fight the voices telling you to ‘go back to bed’ or ‘you can do it later’?    If you have any tips and tricks, please share!  Race is quickly approaching, only 27 days left!



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2 responses to “Training…Slow and Steady Wins the Race

  1. lisa

    First of all, good for you on signing up for the mini-marathon and for getting out 2-3 times a week. Those are both big accomplishments! Races are great motivation and you’ll have so much fun. All that positive energy surrounding you makes such a huge difference.
    I’m a somewhat new runner, too, and have the same problem with getting out for runs sometimes – it’s probably pretty common. One thing I do when I reaalllly don’t feel like it is to tell myself that I’ll just do 20 minutes. There are few things you can’t do for 20 min, right? It’s nothing. I think of how easily I squander that time on Twitter or Facebook or walking to Starbucks for a coffee. So I start with the 20 min goal. If I find that when I hit 20 min that I just cannot keep going, I stop. But that has only happened once (and it was in the very beginning), because once I hit 20 min., I want to keep going! I think just giving myself that out at the beginning makes it much easier to make myself do it. Now I’m finding more and more that it just becomes automatic – I WANT to run. I think that came with seeing marked improvements and also with knowing that I am ALWAYS happier after a run than I was before it, whether I do 2 miles or 10. Distance doesn’t matter, just doing it does.
    I heard a quote one day that has stuck in my head for those times when I’m laying on the couch and don’t want to go…. “You rarely regret the runs you do but you ALWAYS regret the ones you don’t.” (Sorry, I paraphrased that a bit, I think – may have a word or two off but you get the idea).
    It’s all about telling your brain to shut up and knowing the body is capable of far more than our brains allow us to think sometimes.
    Keep up the great work and good luck!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Lisa for the comment! I really enjoyed the quote and will try to remember that next time those negative thoughts try to surface before a run!

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